GSP announces Terminal Roadway Improvement Project

On January 16, 2023, the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District will begin a multi-phase program to improve traffic flow in and around the Terminal Complex at GSP. The program, called the Terminal Roadway Improvement Project (TRIP), will allow the airport to make roadway, curb and pedestrian enhancements to provide improved vehicle traffic flow and install necessary infrastructure that will allow the airport to continue to grow in the future. 

“As GSP continues to grow, roadway congestion in and near the terminal complex is expected to increase significantly. This project will enable us to improve traffic flow today and allow us to continue to implement necessary infrastructure improvements designed to meet the region’s air transportation needs in the future,” said David Edwards, GSP President and CEO.

To minimize disruptions to travelers and visitors to the airport, the project will be implemented in three distinct phases. In each phase passengers and visitors will have full access to the airport and parking options. However, some temporary changes in traffic flow and parking availability will be necessary during the project. 

A dedicated web page ( has been created to detail each phase of this improvement project.

The $18 million project is expected to last for 23 months. The initial phase of the project, which will last eight months, will add an exit lane from Aviation Parkway onto GSP Drive, extend the curbside roadway and widen GSP Drive. Future phases will include a full reconstruction of the existing curbside roadway, and the creation of two new roundabouts on GSP Drive.

Regular updates to this project will be provided on GSP’s social media channels, at, and through announcments issued approximately one week in advance of each phase of construction. 

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