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Why Fly GSP?
Flight Status
7:11pm UA5021 Washington-IAD On Time
8:02pm AA3466 Dallas-Ft. Worth On Time
8:17pm AA5394 Philadelphia On Time
8:40pm SW1895 Atlanta On Time
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6:40am DL983 Atlanta On Time
6:45am AA3446 Miami CANCELLED
7:00am UA4417 Chicago-ORD On Time
7:12am AA5058 Charlotte On Time
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Welcome to GSP Airport

The GSP International Airport connects the dynamic Greenville-Spartanburg region of Upstate South Carolina with the world. We believe that airports should do more than helping people safely travel from here to there. Airports should also be convenient, friendly, modern, clean and offer award-winning restaurants, inspiring art displays, and relaxing airside gardens. We hope you agree.

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