Commission Approves Further Exploration of Automated Transit Network System

Greer, SC – On July 11, 2022, the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport Commission voted to further explore the potential development of an automated transit network at GSP. The program will be conducted under a Project Development Agreement with Plenary Americas US Holdings Inc. and will explore the installation of electric autonomous vehicles that will transport passengers between the airport’s parking lots and terminal facility.   

GSP’s investigation of all-electric automated vehicle technology began in 2015 with a study to determine alternatives to gasoline-powered shuttle buses in the airport’s parking lots. In 2016, the airport expanded its research to include the feasibility of offering automated vehicles on an on-demand basis. This project will further those investigations by studying how a system of electric autonomous vehicles and dedicated roadways can be accommodated at GSP.

Under the agreement, Plenary Americas US Holdings will direct planning and design for the project and will provide the Commission with more information regarding the regulatory, procurement, commercial, technical, and financial aspects of the project. This process is expected to take 18 months, after which the Commission can decide whether to move forward with the project.

“At GSP we are always looking for cutting-edge technology that makes the airport experience more safe, efficient, sustainable, and affordable. We think the future for all-electric automated group rapid transit vehicles in the airport environment is very bright and we look forward to further investigating applications for GSP,” said Dave Edwards, president and CEO for the Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District.

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