Airport Museum

The Airport Museum is located near the MAG Escape Lounge in GSP’s Grand Hall. The museum provides a detailed look at GSP from the founders’ vision in the 1950’s to the present day and on to an exciting future through 2040 and beyond. The exhibits feature rarely seen photos, videos, and first-hand accounts of the airport’s growth and its introduction of many aviation innovations that are now considered common at airports across the globe. The museum is open to all departing and arriving passengers at GSP and is open 24 hours a day.


Museum Opening

On December 1, 2021, GSP welcomed F.E. Hendrix and family to tour the new Airport Museum. Mr. Hendrix was a resident of the Flatwood area which GSP now calls home, and has been instrumental in preserving the community’s legacy. 

Learn more about GSP’s history and the early days of the airport with a Carolina Traveler podcast episode featuring Mr. Hendrix.

F.E. Hendrix reviews a picture of his baseball team the Flatwood Peaches on display at GSP.
F.E. Hendrix was a resident of the land the airport now calls home. The museum honors these early Upstate communities.
F.E. Hendrix and four generations of his family are joined by GSP President/CEO Dave Edwards.

Museum Time-Lapse

Watch the Airport Museum come to life.

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