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General Contractors

RFQ: Airport Security Systems Replacement



Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport (GSP) is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from Security System Integrators with service offices located within a 100-mile radius of the airport as measured by Google Earth for the installation and support of Security System Enhancements.

The Request for Qualifications (RFQ) will be utilized to pre-qualify and shortlist Integrators that are capable and experienced in the design, installation, integration, testing and commissioning of enterprise class Airport security system. All Statement of Qualifications received prior to the submission deadline which meets the minimum submission requirements will be evaluated by the Airport. The select group of shortlisted Integrators will be asked to provide proposals for the services required. Those not selected will be eliminated from further consideration.

All pre-qualified and shortlisted firms will be expected to execute a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) prior to being sent the Proposal documents as some of the data in it will contain Sensitive Security Information (SSI).
It is not the intent of the Airport to receive project specific design, engineering or price Proposals as part of this RFQ process.

RFQ submittals are due by 12/4 at 2pm EST.

There is a virtual pre-qualification submittal meeting on 11/18 at 10am EST.

GSP Security Virtual Pre-proposal Teams Meeting
(314) 391-9430
Conference ID: 902063015# 

Request for Bids - General Aviation Hangar Infrastructure

 Addendum #1 - GSP General Aviation Hangar Infrastructure

Advertisement for Bids

General Aviation Hangar Infrastructure Greenville-Spartanburg Airport District (GSP) Greer, South Carolina


Sealed bids will be received by the Greenville Spartanburg Airport District in the Airport Administrative Offices/Terminal Building (on Level 2), 2000 GSP Drive, Greer, SC 29651, up to 11:00 AM, April 29, 2021, and immediately thereafter publicly opened and read for the furnishing of labor, material and equipment for the General Aviation (GA) Hangar Infrastructure project. Bids received after the stated time will not be accepted.


The project will provide utility and roadway extension for a future hangar development. The GA Hangar Infrastructure project will include approximately 13,500 cubic yards of excavation 700 linear feet of storm sewer, 1,100 linear feet of water line, 840 linear feet of sanitary sewer, 7,300 face square feet of retaining wall, and 700 tons of SCDOT Type C asphalt.


The Contractor is responsible for obtaining all required building permits and for providing documents sealed by a South Carolina Professional Engineer as necessary.


It is anticipated that the contract award will be made to the lowest responsive and responsible bidder if an award is made.


Proposals must be submitted in sealed envelopes with the Bidder’s name, full mailing address, and General Contractor License Number shown as the return address. Sealed envelopes shall be addressed to:


Greenville Spartanburg Airport District

Jeff Clifton, Director of Design & Construction 2000 GSP Drive, Suite 1

Greer, SC 29651


Proposals submitted without the prescribed information may be rejected.


All Bidders should be aware that the date, time, and location for Proposal Submittal and Opening may be modified by Addendum.


A non-mandatory pre-bid meeting will be held via Web Ex on April 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM. All bidders are strongly encouraged to attend. Invitations (a link to join the Web Ex) must be requested by sending an email to gkershaw@wkdickson.com


Documents are available by going to the GSP Plan Room and registering at

https://www.gspplanroom.com/ under recent projects.


PRE-RESPONSE INFORMATION AND QUESTIONS: Each response that is timely received will be evaluated on its merit and completeness of all requested information. In preparing responses, respondents are advised to rely only upon the contents of these bid documents and accompanying documents and any written clarifications or addenda issued by the District. If discrepancies or omissions in this document are found by any prospective respondent, or if there are bid related questions, a written request for clarification or interpretation must be submitted to gkershaw@wkdicksnon.com


THE DISTRICT IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY VERBAL INSTRUCTIONS. All questions must be submitted in writing to  gkershaw@wkdickson.com before the Pre-Submittal Question Deadline being April 19, 2021, 5:00 PM. All answers will be issued in the form of a written addendum. Addenda will be posted to the District’s website, https://gspairport.com/bids-rfps-and-rfqs. It is the responsibility of the respondents to obtain all addenda used for the bidding documents.


BID DOCUMENT MODIFICATIONS: Clarifications, modifications, or amendments may be made to the bidding documents at the discretion of the District. Any changes made will be made through issuance of an addendum. Addenda will be posted to the Airport website under “Business Opportunities”. All interested parties are instructed to view the listed website regularly for any issued addenda. It is the responsibility of the Respondent to obtain the available addenda and acknowledge any issued addenda on the Bid Form.


All prospective bidders, including prospective subcontractors are hereby notified that they must have proper contracting licenses under state law for their trades at the time bids are received. General Contractors are notified that applicable statutes of South Carolina will be observed in receiving and awarding general contracts. The General Contractor must have his license number clearly printed or typed on the sealed bid envelope.


The Owner will not accept or consider proposals from any contractor whose name, at the time of opening of bids or award, appears on the then-current list of ineligible contractors published by the Comptroller General of the United States under Section 5.6 (b) of the Regulations of the Secretary of Labor (29) CFR nor a proposal from any firm, corporation, partnership, or proprietorship in which an ineligible contractor who, at the time of the opening of bids or the award, is removed from the Department of Transportation’s list of prequalified contractors.


Each bid shall be accompanied by a bid guaranty consisting of a cash deposit, or a certified check drawn on a bank or trust company insured by the FDIC, or a bid bond executed by a surety company licensed under the laws of South Carolina to execute such bonds. Such Bid guaranty shall be in an amount not less than 5% of the total amount of the bid and will be retained by the Owner as liquidated damages should the successful bidder fail to properly execute the Contract within ten (10) days after the award and to give satisfactory surety as required by law.


By submitting a bid the Contractor certifies that he has under his direct control, or at his disposal, the personnel, equipment, and materials required to execute this work as specified. Lack of such control or availability of personnel, equipment, or materials shall constitute failure to properly execute the Contract. Performance and Labor and Material Payment Bonds will be required for 100% of the Contract price, with a surety or sureties legally authorized to do business in South Carolina.


A bid may be withdrawn only as provided by the applicable statutes of South Carolina. If a bid is withdrawn within 90 calendar days of the bid opening, the Bid Guaranty shall be forfeited. If the request to withdraw is made later than 72 hours after the opening of bids, and if the withdrawal is allowed by state and local law, the owner may return the bid guaranty at his option.


The project may be funded with FAA AIP funds. Certain mandatory federal requirements apply to this solicitation and will be made part of any contract awarded.


  1. Buy American Preference (Title 49 United States Code, Chap 501);
  2. Foreign Trade Restriction (49 CFR Part 30);
  3. Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (49 CFR Part 26);
  4. Davis-Bacon Act (29 CFR Part 5);
  5. Equal Employment Opportunity (Executive Order 11246 and 41 CFR Part 60)
  6. Goals for Minority and Female Participation (41 CFR Part 60-4.2);
  7. Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities (41 CFR Part 60-1.8);
  8. Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion (49 CFR Part 29).
  9. Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 (41 USC 702-706).


NON-DISCRIMINATION CLAUSE: The requirements of 49 CFR Part 26, Regulations of the U.S. Department of Transportation, apply to this contract. It is the policy of Greenville Spartanburg Airport District to practice nondiscrimination based on race, color, sex, or national origin in the award or performance of this contract. All firms qualifying under this solicitation are encouraged to submit bids/proposals. Award of this contract will be considered upon satisfying the requirements of this bid specification. These requirements apply to all bidders/offerors, including those who qualify as DBE. A DBE contract goal of 7.7% has been established for this contract. The bidder/offeror shall make good faith efforts, as defined in Appendix A, 49 CFR Part 26 (Attachment 1), to meet the contract goal by utilizing DBEs in the performance of this contract.


The apparent successful bidder will be required to submit in the “Proposal” section of his bid the information concerning the DBE that will participate in this contract. This information will include: (1) the names, addresses and telephone numbers of South Carolina licensed DBE firms (certified by SCDOT) that will participate in the contract; (2) a description of the work that each DBE firm will perform; (3) the dollar amount of the participation of each DBE firm participating; (4) written documentation of the bidder/offeror’s commitment to use a DBE subcontractor whose participation it submits to meet the contract goal; and (5) written confirmation from the DBE that it is participating in the contract as provided in the commitment made under (4).


If the bidder fails to achieve the contract goal stated herein, he will be required to provide documentation demonstrating that he made a good faith effort. The bidder’s documentation shall be submitted in accordance with the provisions outlined in the Proposal.


The Owner reserves the right to reject any or all bids and to waive informalities and minor irregularities.



Greenville Spartanburg Airport District

Jeff Clifton, Director of Design & Construction 2000 GSP Drive, Suite 1

Greer, SC 29651